Pearl Multimedia LLC offers solutions for businesses.

Compelling, content-driven products and beautiful designs tailored to your needs. All brought to you by a boutique firm headed by Travis Neighbor Ward, based on her  20+ years of award-winning publishing experience in print and online.

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How It Works

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    Our owner and content marketing director will meet with you by phone, Skype, or in person to discuss the project, deadlines, your preferences, and style.

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    We provide a custom proposal to fit your needs. After we make sure it’s perfect, we bring together a team of creatives to get it done.

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    On time, all the time. Whether it’s a printed or digital product, we make sure you get the results you need, when you need them. It’s that simple.

Our Service

Experts in both luxury and mainstream content, we understand how to tell a great, well-reported story targeted at a broad or niche audience. Interior design, garden, real estate, architecture, fashion, travel, technology, personal finance, beauty, shopping–you name it, we’ve written about it before, for national magazines and custom clients.

Plus, we’re experts at doing in-depth research and interviews to get the facts straight, so we can make you an authority on any topic. Better reporting, writing, and editing means your readers will trust you even more.

How Projects Work

Every project we work on is overseen by our owner, who works closely with clients throughout the entire process. Content is written only by seasoned professional writers, whose style and expertise we match to your topics.

Our Designers

Pulling from art directors, designers, and photographers all over the world, we pair every project with the pros that are the best fit in terms of style and experience. You communicate with us about your needs, we hire them to meet them under the supervision of our owner.

We produce digital and print products, including custom publications, marketing materials, books, ebooks, newsletters, social media posts, websites, and more.

We’re experts on social media and SEO. We’ll make sure that the content we give you is rich in keywords, from the first headline to the last sentence.

We can help you integrate all your digital products so they coordinate, both in tone and style, to represent your brand. Consistency, creativity, and quality are our top priorities.

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