Case studies-Page 1 Google SERP Home Decorating

Page 1 Ranking on Google SERP for Home Decorating Articles

Crafting home decorating content that ranks on Page 1 Google search engine results pages (SERPs) organically, without buying ads.

The Challenge

When it comes to home decorating articles, the competition among websites, blogs, and YouTube channels is fierce. It includes everything from Martha Stewart Living and HGTV, to House Beautiful and Elle Decor.

My goal was to rank on Page 1 of Google SERPs for a series of decorating articles, and to do it organically without spending any money on ads.

My Approach

Readers with an interest in home decorating love articles that tell them how to decorate; what to buy in order to complete DIY decorating projects; and how interior designers tackle challenges.

With this in mind I wrote and produced two articles on these topics:

1. “Happy Paint Colors and How to Choose Them”
My goal was to teach readers how paint colors can affect the atmosphere in a room and your mood when you’re in it.

2. “Cozy Home Ideas from 15 Interior Designers”
My goal was to give readers ideas about how to make their home cozier through decorating. I also wanted to include lots of designer ideas and photos, so I linked to ones that I found on Houzz.


I ranked on Page 1 of Google searches organically for these long tail keywords:

  • happy paint colors

    Ranked #4 out of 88.6M results.

  • cozy home ideas

    Ranked #8 out of 5.38M results.