Case studies - Page 1 Google SERP Travel

Page 1 Ranking on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for Travel Articles

Crafting travel-related content that ranks on Page 1of Google search results organically, without buying ads.

The Challenge

Keyword competition for travel articles is intense. There are so many popular international travel websites, magazines and blogs with huge advertising resources available to them, as well as large member communities. There’s also an abundance of YouTube travel channels; travel TV shows; and travel tour operators and manufacturers with corporate blogs.

My goal was to produce articles that would rank on Page 1 of Google SERPs organically, and to do it without spending any money on ads.

My Approach

I decided to target three popular geographic tourist destinations: Paris, France; Ireland; and Italy. In each case my target audience was English-speaking tourists.

For Paris, I focused on two aspects: how to get around the city by subway; and how to get around the city on foot.

For the subway target audience, I wrote and produced a highly practical article packed with useful information. To increase the trust factor, I also worked in personal stories from my family’s trip to Paris. I titled it “Paris Metro Guide with Routes, Lines and Ticket Info.”

For my pedestrian target audience, I wrote and produced an inspirational article titled “7 Prettiest Streets in Paris, France.” For each street I included a description of why tourists would want to work it into their walking itinerary.


For Ireland, my goal was to help tourists plan their trip there, and to navigate the country after they arrived.

After extensive keyword research I determined that the best approach was to offer content that would help shape readers’ itinerary. That meant giving them useful information, as well as an up-close look at what the destinations are actually like.

So I produced three articles:
1. “18 Beautiful Ireland Towns and Irish Villages.” This is a roundup with photos of each and brief descriptions of the attractions they offer.

2. I also created an extensive guide to the town of Kilkenny, a popular tourist stopover. That article is titled, “Kilkenny Ireland: Guide for Fellow Travelers.”

3. I wrote a lengthy review post of a single 5-star hotel, which I visited. That article is titled, “Powerscourt Hotel Resort and Spa: Review 2017.”


For tourists heading to Italy, I had a singular goal: to tell them how to travel from Florence to the Chianti wine region by car, train, and bus.

Playing off of my former residency in Florence, I provided exhaustive details on each aspect of planning this trip. The final blog post is titled “Florence to Chianti: Italy Travel Guide.”


I ranked on Page 1 of Google searches organically for these long tail keywords:

  • Paris metro guide

    Ranked #6 out of 8.09M results

  • Paris streets

    Ranked #5 out of 88.2M results

  • pretty streets Paris

    Ranked #6 out of 41.5M results

  • prettiest streets Paris

    Ranked #5 out of 536K results

  • pretty Irish towns

    Ranked #5 out of 31M results

  • best Ireland towns

    Ranked #4

  • Irish villages

    Ranked #2 out of 18.7M results

  • prettiest Irish villages

    Ranked #3 out of 679K results

  • Kilkenny Ireland guide

    Ranked #7 out of 576K results

  • Powerscourt Hotel 2017

    Ranked #6 out of 3.8M results

  • Powerscourt Hotel review 2017

    Ranked #2 out of 349K results

  • Florence to Chianti

    Ranked #10 out of 12.7M results